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A very hungry caterpillar?

We entered 5 tomatoes into Dinas Powys village show last weekend and didn’t win that category, nor did our beetroot or rhubarb scoop a prize. We also entered a pumpkin and although it looked beautiful it was dwarfed by Cecil’s mammoth entry. Well done Cecil. He will be displaying his large vegetables in the village square Friday evening I believe.
Meanwhile I spotted this big hairy beastie in Nightingale Community Garden this evening, it’s just a shame the village show didn’t have a hairy caterpillar category!


2014-09-03 17.45.54





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the bean demise and the rise of the beetroot

The runner beans continued to look lovely up until last weekend, with loads of them there ripe for the picking but there is one little problem. They were so tough they were pretty much inedible. Don’t know what we have done wrong but last weekend we decided they were of no use and dug them all up. So they don’t look quite so lovely now!
On a plus side, the beetroot are now being picked and they are plentiful, it’s a good thing I like beetroot :o). PS I had a beetroot pizza last night in pizza express and it was scrumptious so thinking of trying to rustle that up at home for tea one night this week.

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What a whopper!

I was at the garden watering this evening, where the runner beans are certainly bearing fruit (well veg actually) and I noticed the spinach seeds I put in about a week ago are already showing little green shoots, so I put a couple more rows in, and also some lettuce. I hope the little beasties don’t eat them.

Then I looked under a big green leaf to find an ENORMOUS courgette. There was a smaller one with what looked like teeth marks in, and they weren’t mine, so I picked the big one, and will be sinking my teeth into it later as I am having it for my tea!



 2014-07-25 18.32.33

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What shall we plant?

The strawberries are now all but over, but the runner beans are looking pretty good. I picked the first few yesterday, and had enough for tea last night. They were rather splendid to be honest.
I am looking for some advice though, as now most of the potatoes have been dug up there is space to plant something else out in the lovely crumbly rich soil. We have the baby beetroots in which seem to be doing OK, and a couple of tomato plants have also been planted but I would be grateful for ideas from more experienced veggie growers on what else would be good to plant now. Something that is hard to kill off would be ideal!

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A new visitor

When I went to tend our rapidly growing plot today I spotted a little visitor sheltering among the strawberries and courgettes. I was not sure what his name was… possibly hepatitis Harry I thought as he looks a little jaundiced but it seems he has already been christened.

Say hello to Goldie looking gnome.

2014-07-13 15.20.58 (1)

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Grow little plants, grow

Nightingale Community Garden is a real hive of activity currently, with plot holders beavering away on their little patches of land. The strawberry and raspberry harvest continues, and we are still digging up various potatoes which continue to feed us all well. The peas are also now big enough to pick, the trouble with fresh peas is that they taste so nice straight from the pod that I never manage to get any home to cook.

We have just planted some dwarf french beans that have been grown from seeds (or is it more accurate to say grown from beans?), and also some little baby beetroot plants have been put in. They have been planted in the soil where our potatoes were which is lovely and dark and wormy, so hopefully it contains lots of nutritious stuff to help our new little plants flourish.

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Purple potatoes!

The rain has caused a bit of a jungle to spring up at Nightingale community garden, everyone’s hard work seems to be paying off, there is the possibility of needing a machete to get to the shed at this rate.

The various potatoes we planted early spring are feeding us well, I dug up a few of the little purple ones for tea tonight. Also picked a handful of peas (they were green not purple) and I am pleased to report it all tasted very nice indeed. 

P.S. Thanks to everyone for the tips on how to stop insects eating the strawberries, but they seem to have moved onto someone else’s fruit I think.